Online Grape
Production Monitoring


WineData is an intelligent online production monitoring for vineyards
that provides real-time monitoring of all important aspects of grape production
and makes processed information available to the producer.

WineData supports the following aspects of grape production

environmental requirements
on-site online data collection and transfer
plant protection tasks
intelligent planning and forecast of tasks based on processed data
production workflow
task planning and real-time process monitoring
human and machine resources
location, status and current task of a worker or a machine
materials used
real-time monitoring of chemicals and other materials used
production costs
cost allocation based on the vineyard, workflow or type

Functional elements

Data collection

The high precision on-site sensor network continuously records environmental factors in the area, such as leaf wetness, global radiation, temperature, humidity, UV radiation, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, soil temperature, soil pH, soil wetness, etc.

Task planning

Thanks to the data collected, the producer has real-time information about

  • what activities are to be scheduled,
  • whether the conditions for that activity are optimal,
  • where is immediate intervention needed,

thus providing an opportunity for the efficient and cost-effective planning of the tasks. The system supports the allocation of materials (chemicals, agents, etc.) and resources (machines, equipment, workers) for the scheduled tasks.

Workflow monitoring

WineData records planned tasks

  • by tracing the location, movement and activity of the allocated resources (workers, machines),
  • by accurately documenting the use of plant protection materials in real time, based on their location (e.g. continuous metering of chemical use of a sprayer with a flow meter or recording the position of the machine using GPS)
  • by compiling the resources (asset, worker, materials used)

Data recorded this way can be forwarded to the corporate management system or they can be displayed as an intelligent report, increasing the safety of production and providing traceability for errors.

Cutting edge technology

Helyszíni adatgyűjtő hálózat

Local data
collection network

  • precision sensors customised to the production area and the topography
  • sensors to record human presence, their position and activity
  • a device to track the location and movement of machines
  • low installation and maintenance costs
Intelligens termelés-támogató szoftver

Intelligent production
support system

  • planning and data processing framework
  • customised data and notification display
  • enhanced reporting system
  • web and smartphone access
ERP rendszer-interfész

ERP system

  • monitoring of tasks, resources and material use
  • real-time cost and resource allocation
  • customised plan-fact report
Adathálózat szenzorok, adatgyűjtő nodeok és az adatközpont között

Network between data collection nodes and the data centre

  • individually developed Remote Sense data communication
  • robust, high density data transfer
  • no communication costs per sensor

How does the system support production?

Environmental data

Remote real-time access to environmental data based on the area or a production phase.

Production management

The flexible scheduling of tasks and resources provides an ideal task allocation that can maximize the efficiency of the production while reducing the costs.

Production process optimisation

Based on the measured environmental factors, tasks can be scheduled for the perfect conditions, enabling the optimisation of resource and chemical use.

Production monitoring

The production process can be logged by recording the position of workers and assets, and an alarm can be set if there is a deviation from the work plan (e.g. the tractor is spraying in the neighbour’s vineyard).

Plant protection recommendations

Based on pre-defined thresholds, the system can warn and provide recommendations for interventions (e.g. plant protection tasks in case of a risk of contamination).

Economic, environmental, plant protection logging

All economic data and plant protection activities are automatically logged so that they can be compared with the relevant environmental parameters.

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